Best Golf In Whistler? Big Sky in Pemberton!

I spent the winter travelling to various parts of the world and people would invariably ask me where I was from and what I did for a living. I would smile proudly and say “Near Whistler and I work at a beautiful golf course”. In most instances, that response lead to many more questions and the most common, after, “Are you a golf pro?” (which always cracked me up to the point of hysterics) seemed to be, “Where’s the best place to golf in Whistler ?” My unwavering answer was always: “Big Sky, which is technically not in Whistler”.

In actual fact, we are located in Pemberton (an incredible 30 minute scenic drive north of Whistler), yet we are synonymous with great Whistler golf. Don’t get me wrong, the Whistler courses are all terrific. I’m a golfer (who, if you’ve ever seen me play, could never, ever be confused with for a Golf Pro) and I’ve played and enjoyed them all – but Big Sky is truly special. Now you might be thinking that endorsement might be a little biased since they pay me to work here, but you don’t get voted number public course in BC unless you are unique – so we must be offering something that the other courses in the area don’t have. The list is endless, but the space in this blog isn’t, so instead of telling you what makes us so exceptional, I invite you to come up and experience it for yourself.

To make it easy for you, this year we are offering free transportation to and from Whistler with Whistler VIP Limousine Services. That’s right, transportation is now included with your regular priced green fee. So, ride up here like a rock star, enjoy all that we have to offer (great course, great food, great drinks, great rates, great staff, great weather) and you’ll see, after that relaxing ride back home with your private chauffeur/designated driver, when you think “Whistler Golf” , you’ll be thinking “Big Sky”.

Opening Day is April 22nd and here’s a teaser….the biggest difference right now between Big Sky Golf and Whistler Golf – our course is green, not white ☺