Fall Golf in Whistler

September in Whistler is one of the best times of the season to play golf.

The average day temperature in the Pemberton valley sits around 24 degrees Celsius, with the evenings cooling off to under 10 degrees Celsius.
The playing surfaces thrive off of the warm days followed by cool, crisp nights that rejuvenates the grass species. The seasonal temperatures allow the greens to be kept at speeds of 10 or higher; this creating world-class golfing conditions.

Aerification is a cultural practice that is an integral part of golf course management. This process is important for 3 main reasons.

  • relieving soil compaction
  • improves the soil mixture around the highest root of the green’s grass species
  • prevents the accumulation of thatch *layer of dead roots/stems etc under the grass

This practice is consistently done in the fall in Whistler. Big Sky is able to perform this after we close for the season. We do NOT aerate the greens during playing opportunities. This is because the temperatures in the Pemberton valley are warm enough until October, for us to do this process correctly.

The changing of the trees’ leaves on course to fire red or the first snow fall on Mount Currie are highlights of this time of year. Big Sky’s conditions will continue to be in prestige condition for the remainder of the 2016 golf season.