Getting Ready for Golf Season

Are you ready for the approaching golf season? Shawn Keough, PGA of Canada and Class A instructor at the Big Sky Golf Academy is sharing great tips to help shake off that winter stiffness and get ready for the forthcoming golf season.

This brief instructional video includes several easy to do exercises that simply require your golf club and a good attitude.

  • Shawn starts with lunges, adding an upper body rotation in order to get you “swing-ready”.
  • Rainbow passes of your club from one hand to the other while standing single-legged will get you prepared for when your center of gravity is thrown off. This will help you to stay stable when transitioning from the address position to follow through.
  • Shawn’s final exercise will get your swing fired up for a successful golf season.

Check it out and see you on the tee soon!

Have you had a chance to visit Big Sky’s academy page? For more information: Big Sky Golf Academy