Golf & Yoga – helping your game and fitness

There are many different types of yoga classes out there today and many benefits from doing them. Yoga has also been know to help improve skill level for different sports; golf being one of them. Yoga helps athletes of any level develop mental focus, patience and concentration.

As golf can be a tricky sport, many deal with stress and frustration on the course. Yoga not only benefits the body but also the mind; practicing keeping you mind calm can improve your game immensely.

Yoga for golf focuses on these key properties:

  • Quieting the mind and proper breathing techniques to achieve focus and relaxation.
  • Achieving body symmetry, balance, and alignment through the swing to increase power.
  • Enhancing flexibility and core development to improve mobility, strength, power and endurance.
  • Overall prevention of body injuries

Yoga can be a great warm-up or cool-down activity for golfers.

Big Sky offers the ultimate Golf & Yoga experience with Wellness Golf Packages, for Whistler & Pemberton area. Yoga on the Green classes are available every Wednesday.

Increase your fitness level and help your golf game by practicing yoga


Photo: Eric McIntyre Photography