Golfing in Whistler: What’s in your golf bag?

Well everyone knows the main essentials for a golf bag: clubs, tees, balls, but when you’re heading up to Whistler to golf you may need some other items to make your day more enjoyable.


Did you know summer in Whistler is can get up to 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit? Sunscreen is a must! No body wants to hit up the night life of Whistler looking like lobster. On this note, its also good to keep hydrated; at Big Sky we have awesome reusable water bottles that will keep you from getting heat stoke. They also fasten on to your bag so you won’t lose it. Don’t worry, the Beverage Cart Attendant will always be around to supply you with some cold drinks that will not be in your golf bag.

It’s all about those mountain views! The mountain ranges of Whistler and Pemberton, surround the golf courses and offer majestic views. Mount Currie, with its 8,000ft vertical height may even throw down a couple of rock slides or avalanches in the spring. A camera is a necessity when golfing in Whistler. Don’t forget to share on social media with hashtags like #golfbigsky or #golfwhistler.

One way to cool off after your round of golf is visiting one of Whistler’s lakes for a quick swim, so don’t forget your bathing suit and towel. We suggest not taking a dip in an on course pond! Whistler has some great beaches and lakes that are the perfect way to finish your day.

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