Privacy Policy For Big Sky Golf Inc.

The privacy policy of Big Sky Golf Inc. (“Big Sky”) applies to the use of this site. Big Sky collects personally identifiable information from visitors to this site to provide convenient access to our products and services. Only enough data is requested to achieve the purposes identified and such data is retained only long enough to fulfill these purposes. The information collected on this site is protected against loss or theft through the use of appropriate physical safeguards and procedures.

Big Sky does not sell or otherwise transfer personal information to third parties for marketing or promotional purposes. This site may contain links that Big Sky has no control over. Big Sky is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such sites and accepts no responsibility or liability for their actions.

This site may transfer cookies to your computer. Cookies are very small text files that a Web server stores on a user’s hard drive to enable that server’s systems to recognize your device and provide features that will make it more convenient for you to navigate the site and improve your user experience. Cookies essentially are for identification purposes and do not collect any personal information from your computer.

This site has enabled Google Analytics Advertising Features for Big Sky remarketing purposes. Basically, this means that you may see ads for products you previously viewed here, such as golf clubs, or ads for the Big Sky golf course itself. How this works is by Google either reading a cookie already on your browser or placing a cookie on your browser when you visit this site. You can opt-out of this feature when signed into Google sites by going to Ads Settings at and switching off “Ads based on your interests.”

As a member of the Belkorp Group of Companies, Big Sky is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all visitors to this site by strictly adhering to the privacy principles and practices detailed in the Belkorp Privacy Policy.